Weapon Category: Polearms, Other Weapons

Possible Damage Types: Blunt (Guess)

Special Features: None

Other Specials: When dropped the polearm can transform into a snake. If you are fighting when you drop the weapon the snake will assist you in combat.


Wielding Requirements/Restrctions: None

Handedness: Two-Handed

Unwielded Description: A serpentine staff.

Wielded Description: Not Added Yet.


Appraise this weapon and you will see the following:

You study the serpentine staff carefully. A staff carved of alder wood stripped of its bark and polished to a high sheen. It is wavy or serpentine in form, and has scales carved into it. One end of the staff is fashioned into the head of a snake, its mouth open to reveal very real-looking fangs. The tail is barbed with spikes not unlike the fangs.It looks like it is in prime condition.

You guess that the weight is 78 grams and you appraise its volume is about 190 milliliters. You estimate its worth to 1 platinum and 3 gold coins. It could reject being sold by keep protecting it. The polearm can be wielded in both hands. It can be used to cut and batter.

Location in the Realms:Edit

Priestly Human in Holm.