This is for the various trinkets and magical items that are able to be used as a weapon without actually being wielded as such.

  • The Grimoire of Refnas the Wizard located in Cadu: This is a magical tome that will explode shortly after being examined. Once the wizards realised this was being used by players in a weaponised form "Grimoire Gernades!" the ability to do so was greatly limited. It is impossible to remove the Grimoire from the lands of Cadu.
  • Magical Orbs: Seen being used by wizards on a wiz-day in a fight against Balrog these remain a mystery for now.
  • Serpentine Staff: There is a resident of the Holm in Sybarus who carries this staff as a polearm. It has the very useful property of being able to transform into a snake to fight for you when you drop it. You need to have carried it for a sufficient amount of time before dropping it for this to work.
  • Vial of greenish/bluish gas: There are two types on gas vials that can be found on one of the residents of the Holm. One of these has the very annoying effect of removing players from your memory. The other causes a small amount of damage. To use this you need to unstopper the vial and give it to someone else before it goes off.
  • Caltrops: Caltrops can be found lying around the Holm in Sybarus. They cause an extremely small amount of damage, there usefullness lies in stopping people from moving out of the room. example *toss caltrop north* to cover the northern exit. You must be wearing gloves to handle caltrops and those not wearing armour on the feet are the most succeptable althought they will also break some armours.