Weapon Type: Category:Polearms

Possible Damage Types: Category:Blunt, Category:Piercing (Guess)

Special Features: Chance to break your opponents armour.

Comments on Specials: When fighting with the polearm wielded in two hands it can hit you opponents armour causing damage, damage build up results in breaking. Alternatively the polearm can be wielded in one hand.

Hit Descriptions: Special

Dull Characteristic: Non-Dulling (Guess)

General Comments: It is said that to use the maul to its best advantage one must have very high strength.


Wielding Requirements/Restrictions: Strength?

Handedness: Two Handed or One Handed

Unwielded Description: A giant black maul.

Wielded Description: Not Added Yet.


Appraise this weapon and you will see the following: Not Added Yet.

Location in the Realms:Edit

NPC:Ashburz in Area:Moira.